Our Organisation


Hammarskiöld & Co is a true partnership. The partners set the guiding principles for the firm and meet regularly to direct the firm’s strategy and activites. Day-to-day matters are dealt with by the steering committee, which consists of  Erik Fahlgren, Sandra Hein Kaznova (who is also our Managing Partner) and Carl-Johan Pousette. Furthermore, our client election committee ensures that conflicts of interests are avoided and that the clients we represent and matters we undertake meet the high ethical standards of the firm.

Specialist Groups

Our activities are based on our specialist groups, which focus on specific practice areas. This way we maintain and develop our specialist knowledge in our main practice areas.

Knowledge Management and Education

We recognise that a comprehensive and up-to-date “Know-How” system is essential for providing our clients with effective advice. Accordingly, the firm employs a Know-How Co-ordinator, who works closely with our specialist groups to gather and organise the firm’s knowledge resources. Our Know-How system currently contains an extensive bank of documents. An equally important part of our knowledge resources is our extensive business law library, containing all the relevant legal literature, legal journals and other sources.

During their first years at Hammarskiöld & Co, our new lawyers undergo extensive training in the firm’s main practice areas. The training has a strong practical emphasis. It helps our lawyers build proficiency and a broad knowledge and becomes their base for continuing professional development. After gaining experience across the firm, our lawyers then specialise in one or two of the firm’s main practice areas.


The firm’s administrative services, such as office management, conference hosting, IT, and finance, are geared to deliver smooth and timely support to our clients and lawyers in a fast-paced and international environment.