Sourcing World – Swedish chapter, second edition

Thomas Lindqvist (Partner) and Bojana Saletic (Associate) have written the Swedish chapter in the second edition of Sourcing World (2015, Thomson Reuters) – a book examining the legal framework for outsourcing in different jurisdictions.

Outsourcing is common in Sweden and Swedish companies mostly outsource administrative and financial support functions, back-office functions, operation and maintenance of IT systems, research and development, as well as manufacturing. Outsourcing is affected by a number of rules. For example, customers in the public sector must abide by public procurements rules and customers in the financial sector must comply with regulations issued by the Financial Supervisory Authority (Sw. Finansinspektionen). Employment matters and tax aspects are also relevant in outsourcing transactions as well as rules on data protection.

Outsourcing has been prevalent in Sweden for decades and a number of best practices have evolved. The chapter details some of these best practices for matters such as termination management, remedies, risk management and proactive measures.

The book gives a concise but detailed analysis of relevant rules and best practices and provides information on the best way to address the most common issues in outsourcing transactions.

The complete chapter