Is your business ready to derive benefit from 3D-printing?

Additive manufacturing, for the consumers known as 3D-printing, makes the act of copying solid objects, such as e.g. toys, jewellery, make-up or spare parts, easier than ever. The emergence of consumer 3D-printers and 3D-scanners raises the question: how do companies protect their IP-portfolios? Relatively few established market players have modified their business models after the strategic possibilities 3D-printing entails. In this article, against the backdrop of the first infringement notifications, Thomas Lindqvist (Partner) and Anna Rzewuska provide some simple advice which companies should contemplate following in order to remain relevant on the market.

Published in Veckans Affärer, 11 November 2014.
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Also published in 3DP, 13 November 2014.
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